Forsaken Art Tattoos & Body Piercings 

The name "Forsaken Art" is more than a clever name, it is a means to carry the soul of an art form that through out history has been banned over and over again, only to resurface somewhere else stronger than before; as it adapts, so do the artists who let it loose on society.
With a calm relaxed atmosphere you can come to a place where you get to enjoy your tattoo experience in our friendly and sterile music filled environment by our professional tattoo artists Mike Williams and Amber Holbrook who strive to create the custom body art that you'll want to keep on you for the rest of your life.

Ambers' Work

Everybody pay attention, we have something BIG in the works for you all!
Keep your eyes open for our next big sale!!!
Keep your eyes on this little pink spot daily, you never know when we will have a random or two day only sale of insane proportions, we'll keep you updated!!!
"Remember, it's a tattoo machine, not a tattoo gun; Guns destroy, machines create"
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